【Official】Beppu Station Hotel West Building Hotel Star

A great value hotel in a great location!

30 seconds Beppu Station West Exit, 30 seconds walk to the nearest supermarket!  If you go through the south exit, you can arrive without getting wet even in the rain!
You can walk to Downtown Beppu and use the hot springs of affiliated hotels for free!

About the new Oita Travel Discount 2nd (national travel support)

  • About the new Oita Travel Discount 2nd (national travel support)

    The second period of the new Oita Travel Discount has been extended!

    Until July 20, 2023 (Thursday) accommodation ※Until July 21 (Friday) checkout
    ※Not available from April 29th (Saturday) to May 7th (Sunday).
    ※For stays after April 1 (Saturday), only new reservations after March 20 (Monday) are eligible.

    ·If you are using Nationwide Travel Assistance, please fill in the "Requests for accommodation facilities".
    ·Be sure to select local payment.

    ※Please understand that the budget may be reached even during the period, or we may be forced to stop accepting applications.
    If we stop accepting applications, we will notify you on our website.

About national travel support "new Oita trip discount second" electronic coupon

  • To those who use the national travel support "New Oita Travel Discount"

    From January 10th, the enjoyment coupon has changed from a paper coupon to an "electronic coupon".

    At the time of check-in, we will distribute a charge form for the "Mankuri Coupon (Electronic Coupon)" that can be used at member stores in Oita Prefecture.
    Weekdays:Up to 2,000 yen worth Holidays:Up to 1,000 yen worth(All per person per night)

    ※If you prepare the electronic coupon application in advance, the procedure will be smooth.
     Click here for details on how to download.

    Click here for coupon inquiries ⇒【 0120-550-066 】

You can use the natural hot springs of affiliated hotels for free!

  • Benefits for hotel guests only

    You can use the hot springs of the adjacent sister hotels "HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU", "Beppu Station Hotel" and "Beppu Ekimae Hotel Hayashi" for free.
    All natural hot springs.Enjoy various hot springs.

Requests to customers

  • Requests to customers

    From March 13, 2023, we ask that customers use their own judgment regarding the wearing of masks.
    *Employees may wear masks.

This facility accepts A cards

  • ~Please check before using~

    ◆Regular phone reservations, Official website, reservations from the A card reservation site are eligible.

    ◆Point addition rate
     ①Telephone reservation, reservation from the Official website
       And reservation from A card reservation site (may vary depending on plan) 10%
     ②Rakuten Rakuten Travel, Jalan Net, Rurubu Travel, Ikkyu reservation 5%

    ◆Points are awarded only for accommodation charges.

    ◆If you forget your A card, please contact the front desk.

    ◆For longer stays, points may be awarded in installments.

Hotel Facilities

  • front desk

    ◆Check-in 16:00

    ◆Check out 10:00

    Delivery receipt, massage reception will be accepted.
  • Parking

    It is a flat parking lot that can park 23 cars next to the hotel.

    Guests are free of charge.

    Please inform the staff when you park.We will give you a service ticket.
  • Welcome drink(All-you-can-drink)

    ◆5F:There are green tea, barley tea, hojicha, and brown rice tea.

    It is available 24 hours a day, self-service.
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Beppu Station Hotel West Building Hotel Star


10-29 Tanoyu Town, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

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1 minute walk from Beppu Station West Exit
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